Hi! I'm Jac. 👋

Hey there! My name's Jac Bergenson. I'm a Product Owner based out of New York, working with Cofense to empower organizations to detect and report spear-phishing attacks. I've also served as a Content Developer during my time at Cofense. On any given day, you're liable to find me automating things in Ruby or Python, or analyzing data with Splunk and other business intelligence (BI) tools.

Before arriving in my current industry, I spent some time cooking professionally, and then acquired my Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Arts / Journalism at Mount Saint Mary College. When I'm not working, I'm probably obsessing over a mechanical keyboard, an automatic watch, or my third cup of coffee.

Thoughts shared here or on my social media profiles are my own and do not constitute an endorsement by my employer. Do feel free to stay a while and reach out if you have any questions–or if you just want to say hello!